Vixen VH1 Bands Reunited Show

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The show begins with a brief recap of Vixen's history & some classic footage
Jan first formed the band in Minnesota ... then moved to LA, adding Janet ...
Share ... and Roxy
Everything goes great ...
until lightning strikes down from the sky dramatically splitting the band apart!


'Can we get them back together again?'



The quest begins in Hollywood
'What is this?'
Jan signs to say she's in
'how did that break up come about?'  'ooh ... painfully'
'No, I don't like the idea of getting me out of the band!' Roxy & Janet release Tangerine. Jan sues them for copyright infringement ...



This is where we find Share
'oh no, now I realise what's happening'
Share keeps Aamer waiting ... Share keeps Aamer waiting ...
... but finally signs
live on Arsenio Hall
balls and balls and balls of wool!



'We'd like to buy your house' 'Oh no, I know who you are'
'Yes, I will do a Vixen reunion'
Roxy signs on
'I play with myself a lot here'
In Madam X



To Westport, where Roxy has arranged a fake 'lunch meeting'
'I don't believe it, I hate you'
'I'm going to kill Roxy' 'Are you serious? Share will do this? Jan will do this?'
'alright, I'll do it!'
'gonna make me cry now'
'I got a big fat packet in the mail'


We have a reunion!



'Oh, I love your hair!
'I'm still pissed at you'



'Do you remember all that?' 'oh! ... yes, now I do'
'what you should have done is jumped across the table and punched her out'



some guy's t-shirt ;-)


Live Show

Roxy spinning Janet jumping
The ending The ending
Taking bows Taking bows