June 2012: Sorry, the files on this page are currently unavailable due to bandwidth constraints.  But I'm sure you can find clips of the
album tracks to listen to easily enough, and even some of the rarer songs somewhere around the web ...


Edge of a Broken Heart                                        MP3     1.0 MB  
I Want You To Rock Me   WAV       0.8 MB  
Cryin'   WAV     0.7 MB  
One Night Alone     MP3   1.1 MB  
Hellraisers   WAV     1.1 MB  
Cruisin'   WAV     0.8 MB  

Rev It Up

Rev It Up   WAV      1.0 MB  
How Much Love   WAV       1.0 MB  
Love is a Killer   WAV     1.1 MB  
Not a Minute Too Soon                                      WAV     0.9 MB  
Hard 16   WAV     0.7 MB  
It Wouldn't Be Love     MP3     1.0 MB  
Wrecking Ball     MP3   1.1 MB  


Page   WAV       0.8 MB  
Never Say Never                                                  MP3     1.1 MB  
Peace   WAV     1.0 MB  
Barely Breathin'   WAV     0.8 MB  
Bleed     MP3   1.1 MB  
Shut Up     MP3   1.2 MB  


Runnin'     MP3   3.5 MB  
Give it a Chance     MP3   3.2 MB  
Computer Madness     MP3   3.4 MB  
Madam X - Max Volume     MP3   1.4 MB  
Give It Away     MP3     0.9 MB  
Edge of a Broken Heart (acoustic)                       WAV       2.3 MB  
I Want You To Rock Me (live)     MP3   1.1 MB  
Girl's Got Rhythm (live)     MP3   5.3 MB  
How Much Love (live - extended solo)     MP3   1.0 MB  
Highway To Heartache (Demo)     MP3   4.4 MB  
Animal Magnetism (Demo)     MP3   5.4 MB  
Bombshell - Magic in the Night     MP3   4.3 MB  
Hell's Belles - Sin City Rebels     MP3   3.8 MB  
Hell's Belles - In Your Arms     MP3   4.8 MB  
Jeff Paris - State of the Heart     MP3   1.5 MB  
Dogs D'Amour - Get By     MP3   1.1 MB  

Notes :
Runnin', Give it a Chance & Computer Madness all date from 1984, and Vixen's appearance in the movie Hardbodies.
Max Volume is Maxine Petrucci's instrumental track from the Madam X album We Reserve the Right.
Give It Away is available in a couple of different forms on the Cryin' CD single, the Love Made Me 7", the Not a Minute Too Soon CD single and the Best Of album.
Edge (acoustic) is on the Love is a Killer CD single.
Rock Me (live) is from the Hammersmith Odeon 89, available on the Love is a Killer CD single and the Best Of album.
Girl's Got Rhythm is from the Milton Keynes 1989 show, a live bootleg so not great quality. Thanks to Eva for the mp3.
How Much Love (live) is from Cologne 91, on the Give It Away Volume 2 CD.
Highway To Heartache and Animal Magnetism are demos recorded for the Rev It Up album. They were both written by Jan, Roxy & Ralph Carter.
The Bombshell track was recorded by Roxy & Jan with vocalist Jackie Eynon upon Vixen's break-up in 91.
The Hell's Belles tracks are demos from 1992 - sorry they are in mono due to being converted from a tape.
State of the Heart is on Jeff Paris' 1993 album Lucky This Time. Jan co-wrote and played on it.
Get By is from the Dogs D'Amour reunion album Happy Ever After with Share on bass.

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