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In the first of a series of conversations exclusive to this web site, Share chats to Julie about her musical origins.

JULIE :-  I'd like to start with your musical background and history if that's okay with you Share ..... such as: at what age did you take up your first instrument, what was it and how were you first introduced to the world of music?
SHARE :-  I started on piano at 4 years old.  My Mom was a piano teacher and an excellent musician I might add and it was so easy to try out music with her as my coach.  To this day I still love the piano!
Do you play any other instruments?
Yeah.  I was sent off for violin lessons when I was 8.  I quit after a few years.  I tried drums too but ended that by throwing the sticks across the room.  I started playing guitar for a while but fell in love with the bass guitar.
How about a favourite instrument?
Piano!  My favourite thing to do for relaxing is to play piano with nobody around.  A REAL piano, not a "keyboard ".
So would you say that you are a little bit of a traditionalist then?  Preferring to do things yourself without relying on computers and techno gadgets to create your music?
Yeah.  I would like to use some of the computer stuff to help with the music but not to create it.
In other words, musicianship is still paramount to you and your music.
I just like to play and create music with my hands on an actual instrument.  Yeah, musicianship and attitude are what it's all about.  It's a lifestyle.  Not something you just sort of decide to do for a while.  This is something you are willing to die for.
I know, it's like as in everything else, in that it certainly has to be a way of life in order for a person to succeed.  Anyway, who were your influences in your early life?
My brother influenced my musical choices a lot cuz I thought he was cool!  He introduced me to Led Zeppelin and the Rolling Stones and, of course the Beatles.
Did you have any musical heroes at this time who perhaps you aspired to be?
I wanted a band like Aerosmith!
So you've always been a bit of a noisy so-n-so then!  Preferring to play loud rock to anything else?
No, I'm pretty quiet as a person and I've always enjoyed all sorts of music.
Really, is there a for instance?
I was going to be a classical pianist.  Plus for a while there, I thought I was going to have a career as a jazz bassist.  I've played bass in R & B bands, salsa groups, funk/soul bands, etc.
What drew you into rock?
It's in my blood!!!!
Is it now the only type of music you want to play or do you still like to maintain diversity to keep yourself interested in music?
I don't play anything else now but I've always dreamed of having the time to do some jazzy blues album when I'm old and ancient.
That's in the future, how about moving back in time ..... what was the name of your first band and how did you join?
My first band was called "Broken Arrow" and it was the only band in my town!  I was asked to join by Sam the leader.  It was great cuz suddenly I was cool cuz I was in a band with Sam, who was the cutest, baddest dude in my school!  Ha ha!  I was 15 at the time and we did gigs for beer or no money.  We didn't care, we just wanted to play!
Cool!  Know that one myself!!  So what were "Broken Arrow" like?  Were you a covers band?
Mainly covers ..... Stones, Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin, Humble Pie ..... whatever we could butcher!  Any originals were written by the magnificent Sam!
Did you guys gig a lot?
That band mainly played people's backyards and school dances.  No real clubs.
So was this a mixed gender band or predominately male?
Hmmm.  Gender wasn't an issue in those days,  but it was all guys n me.
Has the gender thing ever played an important part in your musical career, in either a positive or negative way?
No, I've never let it be an important issue.  It only bothers other people.  I'm just a musician who happens to be a woman.  No big deal really.
I agree entirely with what you say, but do you think that prejudices still exist in the world of music?
No.  I think we find whatever we're looking for.  If I start looking for prejudice I'll find it.  But if I concentrate on what I can make happen, then I'll make it happen.  You know what I mean?
Oh absolutely!
It's like, why focus on the negative.  Sure there are always small-minded people but they're a minority.  Most people like music because of the way it makes them feel.  Who cares which gender is playing it?  For the same reason, I've never gone in search of "girl" musician role models.  Either I dig the way someone plays/sings or I don't.  I don't give a toss what gender they are!  I used to constantly get asked if I was influenced by the GoGo's or the Bangles?  Huh?!!  Just because they're chick bands doesn't mean I listen to them.  I listen to music that I like because I like it.  I believe most folk are the same.
Maybe, but it must have been really frustrating to have always been compared/asked about contemporary girl bands ..... I wonder why it's always assumed that there's either this kind of sisterhood thing going between the female bands, or a bitchy rivalry?!!
Who knows huh?!  Maybe it's just natural for people to try and categorize you?  Whatever, right?  So long as you like the music.  That's the important part.
To be continued ...........