December 22nd 2000

I went to the Bubble gig at the Underworld in London on Dec 18th, which was great. I was lucky enough to get backstage afterwards & briefly meet Share. And, yeah, the subject of Vixen came up. Basically Share is not interested in participating in a Vixen reunion, so if one does happen it will have to be with a different bass player. Thanks to Julie Cousins for getting me backstage.

Julie is an artist, something she has in common with Share, who started drawing in 1995 as an alternative to the music business. They have a website together, at , which I am going to be doing some website maintenance for. Check it out!

November 22nd 2000

Bubble have a new EP available. Titled "Miss Hellaneous", it features 5 tracks ; Black Hole & Naked - demos for the new album, Angels Love a Cowboy, Wild Horses (Stones cover), and a remix of Eye. Check this link for more details & for how to order. It will also be available on both the forthcoming UK and Japan tours.

MP3 samples are now up at the Bubble website :

Black Hole  ;  Naked  ;  Angels

September 12th 2000

Various pieces of information on Bubble :
There is an LA gig this Saturday, Sept 16 at the Garage in Silverlake, onstage at 11:00 pm. More dates on the west coast of the US + Vancouver end October follow, plus an appearance at the Rockrgrl Music Conference, Seattle Nov 2-4. Bubble should be in the UK in December, playing clubs like Nottingham Rock City. They then leave for Tokyo December 23rd, first gig December 25th.

Work on a new record will start next week, working title "Rockets n Volcanoes". A new song which has been played live, "Black Hole", will definitely be on it.

And finally, a new movie, "Dancing at the Blue Iguana" starring Daryl Hannah and Jennifer Tilly will have one of Bubble's best songs "SparkleStar" in it.

September 8th 2000

Finally some news on what we've all been waiting for, a Vixen reunion :

All the band members are currently discussing the possibility of a comeback. Talks are in the early stages and look positive.

Let's hope this works out and a new record (1st of many!) is forthcoming.

August 24th 2000

An update on a former Vixen (touring) member, Rana Ross :
Check out for various updates - pictures, sounds, electric upright bass, etc.
Also there is an official Sinboy site at , and more mp3s at

Plus Rana is doing great with endorsements : SWR cabinets, EMG pickups and Hohner bass guitars, and has been getting some good press - cover (inset) of bassics mag and excellent long feature at

July 9th 2000

Some Bubble news :  BUBBLE has parted ways with bassist Eric Stacy. The new bassplayer is Dino Everett (Streetwalkin Cheetahs). Their first gig with him is on MONDAY, JULY 10 at SCREAM 2000 (836 N. HIGHLAND)

Share & Bam have also finished recording the new Dogs D'Amour record.

May 22nd 2000

There is now a website for Jan's other band, the all-female Drawing Down the Moon at
It has band info, photos & lyrics, with music clips to come soon.

April 13th 2000

New Bubble CD details :

1. Shake 2. Don't Talk To Me  
3. Independently Wasted   4. All I Want
5. Cheap Advice 6. Sex Sells
7. Sparklestar 8. Drug
9. Goin Down For U 10. 6000 Miles
11. Eye 12. Baby Lately
13. Slut Motorchopper 14. Kickin Walls
15. Castle On the Hill 16. Lullaby

New mp3 samples are available at the Bubble website :

Shake  ;  All I Want  ;  Independently Wasted

March 19th 2000

1. The new Bubble CD will finally be out April 6th. It's called "how 'bout this?" and will have 15 tracks. Check out the redesigned (yet again) Bubble website if you haven't already.

2. Rana Ross's bassgirl page has undergone a facelift too, with the addition of a drummer, Jackie Ramos, to the band.

January 23rd 2000

The Bubble website has been redesigned. Check it out for updated info, more pics, etc. It's still at the same address,

There is also a rough mix of a new Bubble song, "Eye", now available at
Unfortunately, this is pretty horrible. Share, if you keep screaming like that you'll lose your voice!

January 15th 2000

1. The 1st issue of Hard 16, the Vixen & Bubble Fanzine, has sold out. The next issue should be out in June / July 2000.

2. The new Bubble CD may have a name change, possibly to "The Bubble Factory". Some more song titles in addition to those mentioned earlier are "Eye", "Castle on the Hill" and "Shake". Bubble are also looking to book a tour for Japan in April.

December 18th 1999

1. Jan has a new band. It's called Population 361, with a website at
In addition to Jan on guitar & backing vocals the band includes Eden - vocals, guitar & Tom Moglovkin - drums, backing vocals. Looks like there's not a permanent bass player at this time. There's pictures, bios & mp3s up at the site and they will soon have a self-titled CD available from the page. It also looks like the page will be updated on a regular basis unlike some sites I could mention, so that's good.

2. The new self-produced Bubble CD should be called "Lovers and Madmen", and has an intended release date of Feb 14th 2000. Share won the Rock City News award for best female guitar player (yep they got her in the right category after all). Rana Ross was also a winner, of the best female bass player trophy.

November 20th 1999

Finally some news on Jan! I just found this posted on Tina's Vixen Message Board :

Jan Kuehnemund, killer guitar player and founding member of the band "VIXEN," has a new all girl band (tentatively called "DRAWING DOWN THE MOON"). They're scheduled to play their debut set at a Breast Cancer Benefit at Luna Park, a club in West Hollywood, Wednesday evening October 20th.

November 18th 1999

1. Bubble are currently building their own studio but hope to have the new (as yet untitled) CD out in January. A lot of old songs will be re-recorded as well as new ones, and then the best ones will be picked to go on the album. Some new song titles are "Cheap Advice", "Sparkle Star", "Kickin Walls", and a cover of "Taxi Driver" by Hanoi Rocks. (Thanks to Share for that info).

2. Sinboy have 2 more tracks up at Billboard Talent Net , Rana's bassgirl page has been updated, and there is a very good Sinboy page here.

3. Not exactly news, but happy birthday Jan!

November 8th 1999

Bubble have a new line-up :

Bunni (Share) : Vocals / guitar
Bam : Drums
Byron Powers : Guitar
Bass Cat : Bass

They will be playing at the Rock City News Awards on November 19th.
Share is nominated for best female bass player - too bad she's not playing bass at the moment and they spelt her name as Cher.

The Dogs D'Amour album will now be recorded next year. There is a nice bio page on Share on a Dogs D'Amour website here.

September 10th 1999

1. The new Bubble site is up at
Check it out for news, photos and mp3s.

2. Former Vixen bassist Rana Ross's band Sinboy are up on the Billboard Talent Net site. They are #2 on the BTN Top 10 Hit List and have just gone up to #1 on the RadioBTN Top 50. A clip of the song 'Buttercup' is available there, as an au (30secs) or a real audio (2min) file.

The lineup is now :
Elysa Grey : keyboards, vocals, synthesizer
Rana Ross : bass, background vocals
David Nahmani : guitar

Rana also has her own site up at , heavily under construction at the moment.

August 2nd 1999 - Not too much to report, just that there are Bubble mp3s available as follows:

'Don't Talk To Me About Her' and 'Drug' at

'6000 Miles' and 'Drug' at

and Bubble are going into the studio to record some new songs and redo the old ones.

June 22nd 1999 - Thanks to ASH for this :

Share has joined up with husband Bam in the newly reformed band The Dogs D'Amour. The band originally split in 1994 but Tyla, Jo Dog, Bam and Share are back in the studio as we speak.
For more info :

An album, 'Rogues Amongst The Brotherhood', is being recorded for release later this year and a single ,'Ever Do Right', is already available.

June 3rd 1999 - A few small items :

1. Roxy & Maxine are not going to be playing this summer after all. Instead they have been writing material and are now preparing to go into the studio to record it.

2. Latest word on Jan is that she is playing in various bands in LA and writing soundtrack music.

3. Bubble is now a 3-piece : Share - Vocals & Guitar, Bam - Drums, and Brian - Bass. Check the BubbleHQ site which has been updated. Guess Alex buggered off with Ginger!

April 3rd 1999 - Vixen will only continue with Jan Kuehnemund back on lead guitar. Vixen is on hold for the moment until they hear from her. Jan, we luv ya, and we want you back! In the meantime Janet may do a solo album, and Roxy & Maxine are playing together. They are looking to do some local shows (Detroit area I guess) in the summer.

March 29th 1999 - Bubble has finished working on MTV VJ Jesse Camp's solo album. There is one Bubble song, '6000 Miles' on the album, and they co-wrote the rest of it. The first single 'See You Around' debuts April 17th on MTV and the album follows in late May, on Hollywood Records. For more info including a concert date, and another album they are involved with (ex Wildheart Ginger's solo album this time) go to BubbleHQ.

March 15th 1999 - A couple of items :

1. The previously unreleased track 'Highway to Heartache' does not after all appear on The Best of Vixen - Full Throttle. It was a track written for the Rev It Up album by Jan & Roxy.

2. Share's band Bubble has a new 7 track CD available. Check the links to Bubble for info or go to Cactus Juice to buy it. Also there is an additional member in Bubble, Jo Almeida, formerly Jo Dog in the Dogs D'Amour, on guitar. Go to Rock-the-World  for details and some pictures of the Nov 14th concert at CBGB's in New York.

February 26th 1999 - Here is a picture of the cover of the Best Of album, taken from CDworld :

February 10th 1999 - Here is the track listing for the Best Of album, from CD Universe :

1. How Much Love 2. Love Made Me 3. Cryin'
4. Not A Minute Too Soon 5. Charmed Life 6. Love Is A Killer
7. Edge Of A Broken Heart 8. Highway To Heartache (previously unreleased)  
9. Streets In Paradise 10. I Want You To Rock Me (Live) 11. Fallen Hero
12. Bad Reputation 13. Give It Away 14. Cruisin'

So, no Rev It Up or Hell Raisers, which I would have thought were fairly obvious choices, no Wrecking Ball which is one of my personal favourites, and nothing from Tangerine. At least we get one previously unreleased track.

February 4th 1999 - I have some more up to date info on the Best Of compilation. There's a change of title to Best Of Vixen - Full Throttle and the release date is now March 9th, on BMG / Razor & Tie.

January 14th 1999 - A Best Of compilation is set to be released on Feb 23rd. It's called Essentials : Edge Of A Broken Heart and is on Razor & Tie Records.

December 23rd 1998 - Vixen are currently involved in some ' legal stuff ' so they are laying low at the moment. Also Roxy and Maxine have been jamming together, with Maxine on guitar, so the future composition of the band seems a bit uncertain.

November 19th 1998 - Here's a couple of Vixen related news items I've had for a little while but have only just got around to putting up (sorry) :

1. Share and two other members of Bubble, Bam & Alex, are working with MTV VJ Jesse Camp on an album. They should be recording now, for a spring 99 release on Hollywood Records with a tour to follow.

2. Another former Vixen bass player, Rana Ross, has a new band. They are called Sinboy and include guitarist Karen Kreutzer (also previously in Phantom Blue with Rana) and vocalist Elysa Grey plus a drum machine! They have made a demo tape and a video and have had pix done - one of which you can see here. (Thanks to John Ross)

October 8th 1998 - Vixen's new management is Thames Talent in Connecticut

I have just started this news page (Oct 98) so here is a brief recap of what's happened so far, and I will add new information above when I get it :

Vixen release a single Shut Up followed by their 3rd album Tangerine around May 98. They tour the States in June / July but due to various problems (bus breakdowns, a tough schedule - OK the real reason is probably poor ticket sales) this ends early. Also album sales are poor due to a general lack of promotion / media coverage.

They are scheduled to tour with Deep Purple in Europe in the Autumn (or Fall for the linguistically challenged among you) but following the US tour cancellation and a change of management, this is off.

Meanwhile, Share Pedersen is now Share Ross, having remarried. She now has her own band, Bubble, with her husband Bam (ex Dogs D'Amour) on drums. She is singing and playing guitar rather than playing bass, and is also known as Bunni (cute!). They are based in LA and currently have a 3 track tape available - check the links to Bubble for more information.

Back with Vixen, they are rumoured to be going to Scandinavia for a (promo?) tour and are looking for a good opening tour for America. Air Balloon is the new single.

And ..... congratulations to Roxy Petrucci who married Mark Jones in Nassau, Bahamas on August 31.

Also, Tangerine is a GREAT album, so go along to your local record store and buy it, and if they don't have it kick their ass or get it online at