'No, we didn't name our band after a reindeer.'

Kerrang! - 'Share, a graduate from the Berklee College of Music and an instructor at the very serious Bass Institute of Technology in Los Angeles, is probably the best female bass guitarist on the entire planet.'

Kerrang! - 'A blinding hot rock group who excel with great songs ..... malicious and outrageous guitar work.'

Roxy on people's attitudes to them being a girl band - 'A lot of people who haven't actually seen us don't believe we can play. They hear the tape and they think, well we gotta go see them, cos they don't believe it's us on the tape. Then they come along to the gig and they go, 'oh wow, they CAN play!'


Share on auditioning for Vixen - 'I went and played and it was a band from heaven!'

Roxy on playing live - 'I don't think about whether I'm a girl or a guy, I'm just a drummer.'

Share on accusations that Vixen were not a real band - 'Roxy has practised until her hands bled so she could hit her drums hard. Janet has toured the world in different singing things. Jan has been everywhere on the whole fucking map with various incarnations of the band. I've practised eight hours a day until I was suicidal and had tendonitis in my right hand so I could be the next Bass Player of the Year!'

Roxy - 'We're not out to prove anything. We're just out to play good Rock 'n' Roll and it's too bad that people are looking at it as a girl band and getting their microscopes out.'

Share on music versus image - 'I think that they can comfortably ride side by side. I think it's great to have a strong visual identity, providing that your music has the substance to go with it. If you have image and nothing more then that stinks.'

Share on Rev It Up - 'We're all so proud of it. I think if someone came up to me and said they didn't like it I'd have to say that's their right. But I'd think they're an idiot!'

Janet on Rev It Up - 'We grew tighter as a band and captured more of our energy as we'd played so much prior to recording this album. In comparison with the first album, that was good for it's time but this is the most definitive Vixen as a group. The contrasting topics on this album are better than those on the first.'

From a Kerrang! review of Rev It Up:
Roxy - 'Everyone was waiting for us to make a mistake because no one believed that women could really rock.'
'Vixen : unbelievable.'

Share on Janet's performance on Love is a Killer - 'Janet really went over the top. She sang the shit out of that song. Some songs are really easy to sing, some are difficult. This one is difficult. You have to have special qualities to be able to sing this one like she did.'

Kerrang! on Janet - 'Every inch as good live as she is on record. She sings her heart out, gritty one minute, soulful the next.'


Kerrang! - 'Janet Gardner's vibrant vocals - deluxe with a sprinklin' of somethin' raucous ... kinda like discoverin' broken glass in yer feather bed.'

Share - 'There are two kinds of musicians in the world, there are good musicians and there are bad, and neither one has anything do to with whether or not you have a dick, because that's not what you play your instrument with.'


Janet on Share - 'The admirable quality in Share is that she doesn't milquetoast around. When she knows something is right, she goes for it 100 percent ; and when she knows it isn't right, she doesn't want to do it.'

Roxy on the split - 'We all wanted to do the right thing and be happy. For me, being happy meant that we would have gone on to make a third Vixen record because I think we would've broken big.'

Roxy on her & Lenita Erickson - 'Rock 'n' Roll is our number one love ... besides getting boned!'


Janet - 'The big hair has been left in the 80's. We still have lots of hair, but it's not tall, it's just long!'